• Brendan
  • Brendan

Colorway: Brendan

Price is per skein.

Sock weight. 425 yards / 100 grams.

MCN is a popular blend of fine merino, cashmere and nylon. An extra soft merino yarn is blended with a generous helping of cashmere (considered the ‘king’ and most luxurious of natural fibers) and a little nylon for extra durability. You can feel the softness of the cashmere in the yarn, making it sumptuous to touch and a joy to handle. The blend of cashmere, merino and nylon will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Each skein has natural variations due to the nature of the yarn and the dye process. No two skeins, even in the same colorway, even in the same batch, will be identical. These variations add to the beauty and richness of the yarn you’re working with! All colorways are created in small batches, so be sure to grab up as many as you think you’ll need for your project!

Merino / Cashmere / Nylon — 70 fine merino / 20 cashmere / 10 Nylon — 425 yards / 100 grams

Hand wash using a wool detergent and lukewarm water (ideally 30ºC / 86ºF or below). Squeeze out excess water; avoid wringing and twisting. Dry flat; do not sun dry, spin dry or tumble dry.

All fibers in this yarn are mulesing-free.